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Who What They Said
The Guardian "Sheffield's loveliest band"
The Sun "They stand on the brink of becoming the steel city's latest sensations"
Daily Telegraph

"Delightful indiepop."

The Mirror

"Roll over Charles Darwin and tell those musical evolutionists the news - there's yet more Sheffield Monkeys beside the Arctic variety."

Rough Trade

"These Sheffield kids are big big news. They have a sound that transports you back to the days of the late 80's and listening to John Peel religiously every night. It sounds like a mix of The Siddleys, Belle and Sebastian and Sarah Records."

"We love monkey swallows the universe and so should you."

Stylus Magazine

"Nat Johnson and Kevin Gori wrap [Nat's] humane insight in a richly melodic web of acoustic guitar (they’re the best acoustic duo since Simon and Garfunkel).

"This lot are something special."

Tasty Fanzine "Sometimes a band comes along and gives you a few smiles. Sometimes a band comes along and makes you excited. And sometimes a band comes along and sweeps you off your feet. Monkey Swallows the Universe fit into the latter category with ease."
Drowned in Sound "Capable of haunting, tear-prickling acoustic beauty...more than worthy of any - and everyone's respect and attention."
Sounds XP "These simians know how to soothe even the most furrowed of brows. Lovely."
Sandman Magazine "Astonishingly engaging songwriting"

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