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Look for me every night
If you half close your eyes you can make out mine in the ghostly light
And you'll hear me cry "It's not me"
Though you shrink in fear, I am nowhere near
I'm apparently not fit to rest here
Were my grave and wake for my mother's sake?

For if you care to exhume, you'll see it's not my tomb
You'll find no bones, no sticks - only stones
Cos whatever I did, I must've paid high
Cos there's nothing left to remember me by
And the people I see at night say it serves me right

If I knew my crime, would I suffer more?
If I wasn't blind to those days before?

I know that all these stones that serve to replace my bones
Were laid to hide whate'er revenge was played that night
But the sound of the dark, I've heard it before
And the people I see in my sleep said they'd seen me run from the law
Well is there anything that they don't know?

I know that where I lie, I can't see hill or sky
I'm somewhere below, paying for what, I don't know
Cos whatever hearts broke, what houses were burned
Whomever was slain and what friendships were spurned
They made sure I learned that there's nothing worse than to not know
There's nothing worse than to not know