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The Casket Letters Cover 1 Statutory Rights Statutory Rights Lyrics
2 Bloodline Bloodline Lyrics Bloodline Video
3 Science Science Lyrics Science Video
4 Matterhoney Matterhoney Lyrics Matterhoney Video
5 Gravestones Gravestones Lyrics  
6 Little Polveir Little Polveir Lyrics Little Polveir Video
7 Elizabeth & Mary Elizabeth & Mary Lyrics  
8 Ballad of the Breakneck Bride Ballad of the Breakneck Bride Lyrics  
9 Paper, Scissors, Stone Paper, Scissors, Stone Lyrics  
10 When the Work is Done When the Work is Done Lyrics  


The Sun - "On their ravishing second album, The Casket Letters, you can’t help thinking The Beautiful South — but there’s no doubt this lot are way cooler."

The Guardian - "The band are ghostly on Gravestones and giddy on Matterhoney's waltzing pop, but it's their maturity and restraint that impresses."

The Times - "Beneath the cosy wool can lurk some nasty, if always softly spoken, surprises. This Sheffield band’s lovely second album abounds with these."

Download Released: August 5th 2007
CD Released : August 13th 2007
Type: Album
Formats Available: Download + CD
Catalogue Number: VJCD173

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